At this point my emotions are like a freaking all over the place. One day I’m super excited and ready to take life by the horns and then other days I just want to retreat into my shell and poke my head out every once in a while.

I never realized how hard this would be for me. Little hints here and there are just showing me that its done done….


Sometimes you just gotta laugh….
Or not. *kanyeshrug*

Today was difficult for some reason.

Side Bar: My neighborhood is so freaking loud today. There’s this one dude thats been singing every freaking song they play outside. Just blurting the lyrics, ugh so obnoxious.


Day 3

Seems like my odd days are my worst days…

Today I feel horrible, reality is sinking in and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

I’m so tired of feeling hurt and this is only the beginning.

I know, this too shall pass, and that this is only making room for great things to happen in my life… yadda yadda

Right now my heart feels super heavy, I feel so lost and I’m doing my best not to turn into one big ball of mess.