No Makeup Challenge

So I decided to stop wearing makeup for a week to see how I feel. Let me just begin to tell you how difficult this challenge is. I’m so tempted to cover all of my imperfections every morning; waste of precious time and probably not the best for my skin.

I must say that I’m feeling very insecure but I have to get over this. Step 1 to a new life, cross those insecurities off your list.

Day three: No makeup challenge

Why is the 3 day of any challenge so difficult?! Gah


Pending projects

Don’t you hate when you have a long
“to do” list and you have yet to cross something off it? I mean I have paintings, projects, and sketches dating back ’09. What’s up with that?

It’s like you want to cross them off but how? People are like oh just do it yadda yadda and all I keep asking myself is how?

I remember my first day of drawing 101 in college. I was surrounded by students who’ve been in art courses before. It was pretty much a brush up course for them or so it seemed (to me).

It was my first time drawing a live nude model. I looked around and asked myself now what? Placed my pencil on my newsprint and started scribbling lines here and there, look up at the model and back down on my paper. I’d peek at my neighbors paper and just think what the hell did I get myself into?I think I felt like that for the four years I was there. The insecurities were really intense.

It’s no wonder…

My advice to you all? Don’t let that be an excuse. After all you don’t know who’s glancing at your page thinking the same thing.