Go Fund Me

I created a GoFundMe page for my 11 year old Beagle named Bailey. I found out that he will need surgery to take care of a hernia he has. Please click follow the link below for more information.




Big Chop take 2

So yesterday I decided that it was time to cut my hair. I needed a new fresh start.

When my barber started clipping I immediately felt a weight lifting off my shoulders. As soon as he was done I was smiling from ear to ear and I haven’t been able to contain myself since.

I feel so good…

My confidence was boosted tremendously and I’ve had so many positive things happen within 24hrs.

My next goal is to move to the West Coast. It’s time this New York chick steps out of her comfort zone and explores a bit. Don’t you think?

Breakthrough time

I was hoping to adopt my precious little Egypt but unfortunately the timing isn’t right….( I wrote this about a week and a half ago)

Just this Saturday I took my 11 year old beagle for a vet checkup since his allergies flared up big time and found out he will need surgery to remove a hernia. The surgery costs an arm and a leg but it most be done.

Anything for my baby…

Funny how you make decisions about your future based on your gut feeling and then that feeling becomes reality.

Le Sigh

No Makeup Challenge

So I decided to stop wearing makeup for a week to see how I feel. Let me just begin to tell you how difficult this challenge is. I’m so tempted to cover all of my imperfections every morning; waste of precious time and probably not the best for my skin.

I must say that I’m feeling very insecure but I have to get over this. Step 1 to a new life, cross those insecurities off your list.

Day three: No makeup challenge

Why is the 3 day of any challenge so difficult?! Gah


At this point my emotions are like a freaking all over the place. One day I’m super excited and ready to take life by the horns and then other days I just want to retreat into my shell and poke my head out every once in a while.

I never realized how hard this would be for me. Little hints here and there are just showing me that its done done….


Sometimes you just gotta laugh….
Or not. *kanyeshrug*

Today was difficult for some reason.

Side Bar: My neighborhood is so freaking loud today. There’s this one dude thats been singing every freaking song they play outside. Just blurting the lyrics, ugh so obnoxious.